Why Online Training?

Today, with the advancement of technology and the lesser interest of individuals for the physical presence, the role online websites have become increasingly highlighted.

It's interesting to note that in the last decade the use of the concept of Virtual University has become very practical, and people prefer to use this type of training system and thus save their time.

If we want to compare the current educational system with its ideal state, we should say that according to the research, we can not choose the same time for studying all categories of society. Depending on their physical and psychological characteristics, individuals begin the learning process in the morning, noon, or early in the night, and this process is done according to their prioritization. In this case, people choose their best time unconsciously and begin to work.

On the other hand, due to traffic congestion and urban traffic, people's intrusion of physical presence in places is reduced, and as a result, researchers point to a new concept called Virtual Presence. In this situation, the individual begins to operate beyond his own time and place, thus reducing the tensions and possible stresses of his absence. All of these reasons make business intelligence minds (BI) come to the maximum use of online space.

Greeners Academy


The company was found in 2016 in Iran, and since its Recognition to the entrepreneurial ecosystem and ongoing projects, it has officially started its implementation since the beginning of April 2018. The use of the most up-to-date and latest information in the field of success psychology along with the creative and committed forces is one of our advantages in this area.

Our current field of activity includes:

• Psychology of Success

• Managing thoughts and controlling influential factors

• Leadership and achievement of organizational goals

• Meditation and relaxation of the soul and body

• Exploring the opportunities and obstacles of individuals

• New Concepts in the New Business (Start-Ups)


 Our goals include:

• Changing the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Iran by 2031

• Motivate the younger generation to produce jobs and improve the situation

• Instilling a healthy lifestyle on an individual and organizational level

Greeners Academy

How to Use Your Website?

Our current products publish in two sections of the videos and scientific articles. You can refer to the relevant sections on the site for their information. You can also find out about products, events, and new things by following our social media.

How to Support Us?

Users can go to the Donate page on this site and transfer their funds to the account of this company in Iran. Currently, due to existing sanctions, it is possible to pay only through Iranian banks and having an account number in Iran. It should be noted that all these funds spend on expanding this humanitarian movement and producing more products.

You can also take a step to make this big change by publishing our content on your social media.


The Final Word

We will do our best to provide the information to a community of people who want it. We hope we can bring you positive feedback and new opportunities.

Greeners Academy

Greeners Academy

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