Registered Commercial Brand

In Iran, the responsibility for registration, classification and editing of trademarks is provided to the Intellectual Property Center, which is a subsidiary of the State and Property Registration Organization. The GREENERS brand has also followed this legal procedure.


The Electronic Commerce Development Center of Iran is responsible for providing security infrastructure and a symbol of electronic trust to Internet businesses. The process of granting a permanent two-star symbol in terms of evaluation criteria is consistent with the one-star trust symbol. The only difference is to install the SSL security certificate on the relevant website.

The Golden Logo (Samandehi)

The Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance of Iran, through the award of a golden logo to online media, recognizes the identity of its owner and its competence for the following activities.



The Center of Information Technology and Digital Media is committed to developing digital cultural products, supporting their development, organize and systematizing digital cultural activities and raising the level of knowledge and skills of the producers.

Virtual Business Union

The union is responsible for supporting and maintaining member’s rights, establish cooperative principles, improve the business environment and interact with government agencies and other private sectors.

A member of the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines of Esfahan

It is a nonprofit institution with legal personality and financial independence which forms the ideas of industrial, mineral, agricultural and commercial managers to contribute the growth and development of the country's economy.

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