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Please note that all principles and procedures are by the GREENERS Inc internal rules and that the user is subsequently required to comply with applicable user regulations. Also, the entry of users into the area of ​​activity of this site means acceptance of all the following terms and conditions, and if they are violated by third parties, they will be treated by the related laws. We note that all terms and conditions contained on are subject to standard conditions and, in the event of any significant force majeure, this company will not be responsible.

In the future, changes to this site in connection with the rules, the terms of use of the site and its various services will only be updated on this page and will be published. Obviously, your continued use of these services will mean complete acceptance of these changes.

The user is referred to a person who submits his or her personal information to the fullest extent in the registration form and applies for the registration of the order or any use of the site's services.

The maintenance of the password and username is the responsibility of the users, and users must not disclose it to someone else to prevent any possible exploitation.

Therefore, users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their username and password, and all responsibility for the activities carried out under the user account is the responsibility of the holders.

The purpose of creating a comment section in GREENERS is to share the experiences of users. Apparently, the comments section of this site is different from other sites and social networks. In this article, each user is allowed to share their opinions in the framework of the terms and conditions of the site and, after reviewing the experts, will view their opinion on the site. If the site rules are not respected in the comments, they will not be approved and therefore will not be displayed on the website. It is mandatory for users to wait 48 hours after submitting their comments to confirm and view it on the site and refuse to retransmit this comment.

Note GREENERS is not responsible for the accuracy or inaccuracy of the published opinions on the site. The display of users' comments on the site by no means our confirmation of the content in question.

  • Terms of Insertion of Comments
  1. Write in English and use the English keyboard. It's better to use space than usual, drag letters or words, repeated use of a message or word, emoticon, and omnivore in the text.
  2. Choose the right comment, critique or review. An excellent text encourages users to read your comment.
  3. It is necessary to delete unnecessary material when writing, and only consider the essential and useful part of your review. It will respect the time of the visitors.
  4. Depending on the structure of the comments section, do not ask for questions or ask for guidance in this article.
  5. Users posting comments are required to use respectful literature and avoid insults to other users or others. Naturally, any insults to an individual or individuals and the use of inappropriate words will encourage the user to comment.
  6. The comments section of the site is different from the forums (forums). Therefore, to maintain the structure, the views that the discussion mode has will not be approved.
  7. All users have the right to post comments on the site subject to the rules. So, even if you find the comment far from reality, biased or misleading, you should not criticize or criticize the reviewer. Each user can only comment and give judgment to other readers.
  8. Due to the responsibility of the site regarding the links contained therein, you should not link other sites to your comments. Be careful not to connect any other links (send) other users to other sites and enter email or social networking usernames.
  9. Only comments that are relevant to the topic you are referring to, so do not talk about issues that are not related to the subject.
  10. Users can post criticism to any part of the site at So do not post any comments on the site or services provided.
  11. Note the issues you do not trust in the comments in no way. Also, refrain from rereading rumors or unreliable information. Posts and any materials that include the content of which is obscene, defamatory, indecent, libelous, threatening to others, or in violation of any law; or infringes the copyright, trademark right, or other property rights of any third party. You will be responsible for all content that you post on the Service.
  12. It is necessary to write down your comments and refrain from shortening the words or using the colloquial literature as much as possible. The use of written text that can be displayed on the site requires verification of user feedback.
  • Links to Other Web Sites

For more information on how users build and produce products, links to other sites may be available on parts of this section. These sites are not under our control, and the company does not bear any responsibility for their contents, including the links contained therein.


Our Service may contain links to third-party websites or services that are not owned or controlled by our company. We have no control over and assumes no responsibility for the content, privacy policies, or practices of any third party websites or services. You further acknowledge and agree that GREENERS shall not be responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any such content, goods or services available on or through any such websites or services.


We provide these links for ease of use, and the existence of any of these links does not mean verification or any communication with our administrators. Apparently, the user is liable for any damages or damage caused by the virus or other malicious files that may result from the receipt and use of data or files belonging to linked sites.

It should be noted that this site does not guarantee that the testimonials of the product or other materials contained therein are error-free. Therefore, users need to share with us in the event of any errors in the delivery of products.

Donation process does not require registration on the site and users can go straight to the payment page and deposit their funds.


Each donor has the option to enter his / her share in a known or unknown form. For this purpose, the name, surname and the mobile number fields are optionally placed on the payment page to enable users to enter the information if they want.


Currently, due to existing sanctions, it is possible to pay only through Iranian banks and having an account number in Iran.


To deposit your funds, you must:

  • At least 13 years old
  • Agree with all terms and conditions on the site
  • Be fully aware of your national, regional, and local laws

Also, any suspicious transaction or the use of a robot on a payment page is prohibited, and legal and judicial action is being taken for the offenders.

  • Protecting The Rights of Authors

The protection of the rights of authors, writers and artists in the electronic environment and the law on the translation and reproduction of books, publications, and audio works, this information is solely available to the author and the owner of the work. All electronic computing products including tools, computer methods and databases, design rights, audiovisual producers, and their recording and broadcasting agencies are provided in electronic form, Includes this law, and any copying of them is prohibited. You may not modify the Content or re-publish, re-transmit, or otherwise distribute directly or via links any Content to any third person except for your personal, non-commercial use, as permitted by the license granted above. It is understood that some of the content appearing on the site is news and as such releases are not obtained from individuals or entities for the use of the name, likeness, or trademarks. It is your sole obligation to a) determine if you use required releases or permission, and b) to obtain the necessary statements.

Therefore, in the event of a violation of the laws cited by third parties, the violation of the rights of authors will be punishable by the penalties provided for in this rule.

  • Protecting Trade Secrets

Commercial secrets include information, patterns, software, programs, unpublished works, business and trade practices, techniques, maps, business plans and customer details. Therefore, to support legitimate and fair competition in the field of electronic exchanges, the illegal study of commercial and economic secrets of companies and institutions for themselves or disclosure thereof to third parties in cyberspace is a crime and with offenders.

  • Protecting Trade Names

To protect the rights of manufacturers and consumers in the field of electronic exchanges, any use of trademarks in the domain name or any representation on the line will be punishable by of the punishment prescribed in this law. The exchanges are under the control of its statutory registers and must not deceive the public minds of the originality of the goods and the services provided and the violations of trademarks.

Also, all registered trademarks, slogans, scripts and names provided through any of the services created on this site are exclusively for GREENERS. Any use of them for purposes of Business will pursue related legal prosecution, but not limited to articles, graphical images, interactive applications, and videos collectively the Content, are protected by copyright.

Users do not authorize to operate and use the product list, technical specifications, price, and any use of the derivatives of this site. Also, they must not download or copy information for commercial purposes, creating Internet domains and similar communication channels, including the company's proprietary name and brand. Any use of data mining, robots or same methods, such as data collection and extraction tools are prohibited, and all of these rights are expressly reserved for this company.

We reserve the right at our sole discretion, to modify or replace these Terms & Policy at any time. If the revision is material, we will try to provide notice before any new terms taking effect. Changes will be determined at our sole discretion.

The support section of this site only has a communication link that users can use to if they have any questions after reading the exact terms and conditions.

GREENERS also has no representation offices or offices at any point in Iran, and all services, financial transactions and services provided are only processed through this site. Please, if any violations of this kind are found, submit the following to the prosecution.

We would like to remind you that the email address the user is registering on his account is the only email address that is verified by the user, and all our correspondence and responses are made.

Please note that any communication between the company's various collections with users outside of the services provided under the name of Afrang Sabz Safahan Company and its registered brand is not. Also, send any SMS under the name GREENERS with any number of violations and misuse of this company's activity.

Therefore, please let us know by email if any violations occur.

All requests and emails received after processing and classification are delivered to their respective departments and then sent to the user if necessary. Therefore, it is imperative that users wait 48 hours after submitting their request to respond to the experts and refuse to re-submit that application. Naturally, experts' answers will be given urgent and urgent questions as soon as possible.

Terms and conditions of this site are updated continuously, so for the latest changes; please go to this page.

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