2014 - 2015

The appearance of particular ideas and classify them

Insist on starting multiple activities simultaneously (be careful, this is the big mistake that we and most often startups have done!)

Collect necessary information for each activity

Failures and hardships along the way, continuous opposition from families, friends, and everybody around

Team fatigue, physical and mental harms due to the compression of tasks in several areas


Stop the whole project for a few months to rest and retrieve the principles

Select and design the brand, logo, and motto

Start the paperwork in Iran to register the company


2015 - 2016

Inconsistency in this bureaucracy is incredible!

Why brand registration should be done only in Tehran!


Meet Tehran several times for the paperwork, and had to reserve a normal room!



Full study of different plans including BP, SP, TP, and OP

Starting the company's accounting process including taxes, insurance, VAT and other items

Our first office in the luxurious place in Isfahan!

(Not worthy of traffic, crowded, and forced to be high class)


Architectural review of small offices for startups (rather spend our limited budget on more important things than hiring a professional architect!)

Studying the marketing of social networks and their indirect power

2016 - 2017

Begin the plan in February 2016

Produce specific content regarding success in personal and organizational life

There is no regulatory structure for the sale process (No copyright laws in Iran!)


Complete failure of the project and going to the Valley of Death

Frustrations of the team, confusion and the whispers of full closing

Hopes and believes that still, we can!

Refresh the plan in June 2017

Starting again with more hope and experience (of course fewer people)

All the capital was spent on new plans

2017 - 2018

What do you think, should we give in to any failure?



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