Hamid Reza Mir

Founder & Head Writer

“I think the start of every business doesn’t need any big budget!

What I’ve learned without having the initial capital was managing the costs and maximizing the abilities. This experience will help you in the future.”


2005 - 2009

The top three students in the class (good grades, very mischievous!)

Listen thoroughly, spend less time on boring homework

2009 - 2011

Admission to one of the brilliant talent schools

Learn English by accident and then being overly interested in

Too much failure in high school and no desire to read the lessons (top students from the bottom!)


Fail in math and go to the summer class

Being fired by the end of the third year and have to go to an ordinary school (tough days, be in the most severe criticism!)


The first big decision!

Follow my interest and finish the English, a decision that changed my life forever!


2011 - 2014

Accepted in Bachelor of Electronic Engineering with a one-year delay

Start learning German, the language of engineering fields (challenges the brain!)


The top three college students (failing in high school and these top grades!)

Drop from the third semester!


“The insight I had from the university was an efficient environment. It got lost in the third semester. The books and the educational system are both old.”


Something bigger happened!

Deep thoughts in my head, want to know myself, would like to follow my goals for the rest of my life

Spend more time learning about myself and less time to college


2014 - 2015

Analyze different books by Abraham Maslow, Paulo Coelho, and Mark Twain

Questions in my mind about the future, little by little understanding what to do and what not to do

Want to do great things, but it takes time

Start my first teamwork with an M.A student (help him translate articles, build circuits, search resources, and find appropriate professors)

Understand the power of my leadership and creativity!

Start my own small business

One of my biggest mistakes!

Irrational insistence on starting several activities simultaneously (a start-up in the food sector, another in IT, and the last one in psychology)


Decide to choose brand, motto, and logo

Designer: At least 3000 $ for the case you want!

Me: I don’t have this money!

Designer with a sneer: Forget about it!


Forget the college and focus on more important things:

  • Collect and analyze data
  • Read books on color psychology, brand design, slogan and logo of companies
  • Read books for corporate registration and organization rules
  • Review on the rights of employer and workers
  • Search about brand registration in Iran and WIPO
  • Review UCP rules for Opening Lending Credits
  • A comprehensive review of cost and financing methods for new-born startups
  • Accident books by Dr. Howard Gardner, the multiple intelligences, and Bella Merlin acting the basics


Select a brand, logo, and motto after three months (definitely better than the designer!)

Start the bureaucracy in Iran to register the company (long-term and time-consuming)

2015 - 2016

Continue the learning process and break up with the college!

Learn new business managing software


Comprehensive and complete learning of the plans includes:

Short-term (3-month), mid-term (6-12-month) and long-term (2-5 years), which includes:

BP (Business Plan), SP (Strategic Plan), TP (Tactical Plan), OP (Operational Plan)


Start learning the accounting system (tax, insurance, VAT, etc.)

Overview IFRS accounting system


The bureaucracies to receive a Commercial card, English brand, and the related permissions


Last month, a company lawyer called me and asked for advice on an English trademark and a series of new administrative procedures in Tehran. It was interesting to me that I could help a professional lawyer.

Perhaps it's worth saying that in this two years I got valuable experiences from the administrative, accounting, taxes, VAT, insurance and thousands more, and these skills will cost more than a word we call it “Budget”!


Moved to the high-class office!

Read new books about designing small office for startups (learn lots of experiences during the last six months about architecture and focusing on details)




Learn the Impact of Social Media

Start writing and blogging in Persian


2016 - 2017

Changing the university path and study the MBA (again my family, friends, and advisers disagreement!)

Complete German language level C1 and plan to summarize the last five years



Another office due to the unreasonable extra costs!

"Do not forget, the businesses that are strongly dependent on ICT need a virtual office rather than a real one, because time and space do not have a meaning for the members. They like to deliver the projects. So you can never imprison a good programmer in your office and ask him or her to give you the best! "



Start learning the psychology of site designs!

I think it’s more important than the coding. Choose the right color, how to arrange the pages, the simple or complex modules and other cases in this scale.


Start learning French, the language art and literature (challenges the heart!)

Start blogging in English!



I’ve just started. So if you see any mistake in my texts, please pardon me :)




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